Spring 2019


Encouraging open-minded inquiry; Respecting the unity of all life; Exploring spiritual self-transformation


New National Speaker to our Lodge: On March 20, Danelys Valcerel will speak on: “There is No Religion Higher Than Truth”

The Sacred Geometry Study Group on the first Wednesday will be facilitated by various members each month using the book Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe: Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art, and Science by Michael S. Schneider.

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January 2, Sacred Geometry Study Circle”Chapter 2

February 6, “Sacred Geometry Study Circle” Chapter 3

March 6: “Sacred Geometry Study Circle” – First Wednesday Michael S. Schneider’s book A Beginners Guide to Constructing the Universe: Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art, and Science.  Chapter 4: “Tetrad Mother Substance” Pages 60-96 in We continue to use the Coloring Book: Sacred Geometry Elements and Patterns – by Wizard Raccoon for all study circles.

March 13: “The Tibetan Book of the Dead”- Jeanie Dean The Bardo Thodol is an essential Buddhist text from a larger collection of teachings: the Profound Dharma of Self-Liberation through Hearing.  It is the best-known work of Nyingma school of Buddhist literature.  Jeanie has read the Bardo Thodol many times in a meditation for loved ones.  This talk explores the journey into the afterlife and reincarnation as described in this widely studied sacred Buddhist text.

March 20: “There is No Religion Higher Than Truth” – Danelys Valcarcel The Theosophical Society’s motto, “There is No Religion Higher than Truth” has attracted countless earnest seekers to the study of the enlightening doctrine of this worldwide movement since its founding in 1875.  Our presenter, , will explore some of the core universal values found in these perennial teachings and their spiritual applications which can lead to the attainment of Self-Knowledge and the realization of Truth in every moment of our daily living.  Join us in celebrating 143 years of Theosophy!

March 27:  “Humanity Evolves, Not the Individual” – K. Neuman This topic, by Radha Burnier, appears in The Theosophist dated Nov. 2018. It is written in the form of an interview.  This interview between Radha Burnier, 7th international president of The Theosophical Society (1980-2013) and interviewer, Makarand Paranjape, professor of English, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India will be acted out in Lodge this evening followed by open discussion. 

April 3:  “Sacred Geometry Study Circle” – Chapter 5: “Pentad Regeneration” pp 96-137.

April 10:  “All the World’s a Stage” – Bob Bendykowski Departing from his usual report on healing, but gleaned from his research on that subject, Bob will review the last 15,000 years of Earth history in order to discover the roots of our present chaotic existence.

APRIL 17:  “Up the Pyramid: Bridging the Esoteric and the Scientific in Information Studies:  Bradley Wiles  This presentation and discussion examines some distinctive esoteric elements of traditional and contemporary information studies as a scholarly and applied discipline, particularly how it conceives of the increasingly relevant role of information and technology in facilitating human agency and consciousness.  Information Studies offers the DIKW Pyramid (Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom), a model that suggests the workings of a grander framework that could enable or reveal closer connections between esoteric thought and modern science.

April 24:  “CranioSacral Therapy and You: Emily Klik , How this gentle bodywork can help your body be a nicer place for YOU to live” –   CranioSacral therapy is a style of gentle bodywork that employs low-velocity adjustments and manipulations to soft tissue in the body.  It’s effective for reducing pain, enhancing nerve and metabolic function, and deactivating the stress response.  In this presentation, Emily will describe this bodywork, will introduce you to your central nervous system, discuss the stress response (aka fight or flight), and share how harnessing this stress response can help you in your life.  She will also include a short meditation, a few tips for self-care, and offer a short demonstration.

May 1: “Sacred Geometry Study Circle” – Chapter 5 continued: “Pentad Regeneration” Pp 137-178.

May 8: White Lotus Day:  Rethinking “The Mission of the Theosophical Society” as presented by Tim Boyd, International President, in the Winter 2019 Quest Magazine. In the 143-year history of the TS, although many statements have been made relating to the mission and purpose of the TS, there has never been a formal mission statement.  This newly formed mission statement is comprised of 24 words in one sentence.  Using Tim’s article we will unpack this one sentence.

 May 15:  “The 7 Sacred Choices of the Hero’s Journey – Rising to the challenges in our world.” – Emily Klik  Many people are feeling overwhelmed by tragedy happening, in the world, in schools, churches, neighborhoods, in our families, in our bodies.  Stress has become so prevalent, it’s “normal”, and many people are echoing the mantra “someone’s got to do something!”, hoping for a hero to show up and save the day.  In this brief talk, Emily Klik will share the 7 Sacred Choices of the Hero’s Journey, a formula for facing challenges, moving through darkness and depress, revealing choices that may not have been obvious before, and discovering wisdom and strength already present in your life.

May 22:  “Some Mysteries of Nature” Found in Isis Unveiled Kathleen Neuman A theosophical definition of Nature:  “The consciousness side of nature is composed of vast hierarchies of gods, developed cosmical spirits, spiritual entities, cosmic graduates in the university of Life.  The Material side of nature is the heterogeneous matter, the material world in its many various planes, in all stages of imperfection – but all these stages filled with aries of entities evolving and growing.”  Kathleen Neuman will provide, for discussion, a handout of some of these mysteries found in Isis Unveiled.

May 29:  “Rudolf Steiner and the 12 Senses” –Sharleen Leonard will share what Steiner says about them from the spiritual science point of view.  The twelve senses are: touch, life sense, balance, self-movement, smell, taste, vision, temperature (warmth sense), hearing, language sense, conceptual sense, and sense of I of the other.

June 5: “Sacred Geometry Study Circle” –Chapter 6: “Hexad Structure-Function-Order”; Pages 178-221.

June 12: “Underground Prehistoric Caverns & Tunnel Cities”- Jeanie Dean Several unusual sites in Turkey, China, Latin America, Europe and Africa, have large cavernous networks of tunneled places of past human habitation.  These sites may be 10,000 years old or more with amazing carved and hewn buildings and structures, all beneath the surface of earth.  Learn about these remarkable places and see what lies hidden underground. 

June 19: “What is This Thing Called “Light”? – Dick Yahr Let us wonder together on an ancient question.  Is it a form? Is it a substance? Why do we all recognize the light in the eyes, but it cannot be seen in the dark? 

June 26:  “The Unity of Rabbi Yeshua (Jesus), Aramaic Mystic, Teacher, Prophet, and Healer, with Other Spiritual Paths” – Hal Dessel and Judith Kubish will share information exploring new insights into Yeshua (Jesus) from his Middle-Eastern roots; reflection on the unity of his way with other spiritual traditions; experiential practices to ground body, mind, and spirit in his wisdom.



Bob Bendykowski divided his working career between music and electronics.  He is currently researching and promoting distant healing as a scientific and teachable discipline.

Jeanie Dean is the author of several poetry books including The Whole World Stopped and a dedicated metaphysical scholar. She also teaches college English serves on the Theosophical Board and edits the Milwaukee Theosophical website.

Hal Dessel and Judith Kubish are certified mentor-teachers and leaders of the Dances of Universal Peace for over 25 years. When they are not dancing, Hal is a psychotherapist and addictions counselor in private practice at Reconnections. Judith is a Lifecycle Celebrant, interfaith minister, and wedding officiant; her business is Heartland Life Ceremonies. She creates celebrations of significant human events across the lifespan.

Emily Klik LMT CST a CranioSacral Therapist,CST in practice since 2002 and discovered it  after experiencing migraines that improved only with bodywork.  She taught massage in Illinois and Wisconsin, hosts study groups for CST, and is a CTA for Upledger Institute. 
Emily learned of the Hero’s Journey from Joseph Campbell and Rev. Ed Townley. If all of us express “hero” even a bit, we will collectively heal our world, together.

Sharleen Leonard has been studying Rudolf Steiner’s work , since 1983.  Steiner (1861 to 1925), a spiritual scientist, named his work, “Anthroposophy” or wisdom of the human being.  Included in his writings were concepts on social order which he offered to national leaders after World War I.  Would they work now?


Kathleen Neuman serves on the Board of Directors for The Theosophical Society in America and is currently president of the Milwaukee Lodge.


Danelys Valcarcel, a Cuban-born artist, is a student of Theosophy, Anthroposophy, and

Hindu philosophy who has dedicated the past twelve years of her life researching the field of spiritual education. Currently working at the headquarters of the Theosophical Society in America, Danelys is also a Montessori, Waldorf, and Krishnamurti teacher.


Bradley J. Wiles is a librarian, archivist, and historian based in Milwaukee.  He currently works as the knowledge management coordinator for an engineering consulting firm and is pursuing a PhD in Information Studies at UW-Milwaukee.  His primary research areas include cultural heritage development, information provision policy, and archives and recordkeeping in society.  Wiles has varied interests in esoteric topics, but is especially fond of Victorian-era writing on history and mythology.


Dick Yahr is a long time student of holy books, meditation, Tai chi, and consciousness.  He has a Bachelors degree in Philosophy and Math.  Considers himself an eclectic Initiate…(also an imposter, a “gentleman and a scoundrel”!)