Speakers Bio

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John Algeo was a past Vice-President of the International Theosophical Society and a past president of the Theosophical Society in America. He was a Professor Emeritus at the University of Georgia and was Alumni Foundation Distinguished Professor of English until his retirement.  In addition to many journal articles in Theosophical publications, he is the author of the book Reincarnation Explored and coauthor of The Power of Thought.

Bob Bendykowski divided his working career between music and electronics.  He is currently researching and promoting distant healing as a scientific and teachable discipline. He has served as Vice-President of the Milwaukee lodge

Susan Conway has studied spirituality and esoteric topics since a young age.  She has had visions since age 4 and feels very close to the other side. He rich experiences, study and insight inform this lecture.

Jeanie Dean is the author of several poetry books including the Whole World Stopped and a dedicated metaphysical scholar. She also teaches college English and edits the Milwaukee Theosophical website.

Hal Dessel and Judith Kubish are certified mentor-teachers and leaders of the Dances of Universal Peace. They have led dance meetings and special DUP events for over 25 years. When they are not dancing, Hal is a psychotherapist and addictions counselor in private practice at Reconnections for relapse prevention for traumas and addictions. Judith is a Lifecycle Celebrant, interfaith minister, and wedding officiant; her business is Heartland Life Ceremonies. She creates individualized celebrations of significant human events across the lifespan.

Robyn Finseth, M.S., D.C., is a life-long Theosophist having been born into a Theosophical family. She is also a practicing chiropractic physician in Oregon. Robyn will be a featured speaker at the TheosophicalSociety’s 2017 National Convention in Wheaton. Her life’s focus has always been connected to healing.

Janet Kerschner has been the Archivist of the Theosophical Society in America for the last ten years. You may remember her “100 Years of Theosophy in Milwaukee” presentation at the lodge centennial in 2010. Janet works with Pablo Sender to administer the Theosophy.wiki encyclopedia.

Richard Koepsel has been a mystical aspirant since the summer of 1963.  He has been a member of the Rosicrucian Fellowship almost all of that time.  He had a 30 year career as a support person for High Energy Physics at the University of Wisconsin.  He owned Microcosm Book Shop, Madison’s oldest money losing business, for 40 years.  He has given talks and classes on mysticism and astrology since 1969. He has given talks regularly at the Theosophical Society in Minneapolis for about 30 years and occasionally for groups in Pittsburgh and Madison.

Sharleen Leonard has been studying Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy since 1983. Steiner, a spiritual scientist who lived from 1861 to 1925, named his body of work Anthroposophy, or wisdom of the human being. Included in his writings were concepts on social order which he offered to national leaders after World War One. Would they work now?

Peig Myota is a spiritual psychologist and teacher of the Science of Light Energy. She presents international seminars on Energy Frequency Healing, Transformation of Consciousness, and Activation of Spiritual DNA.

Rev. Kris A. Nelsen has a business background of working in the insurance industry for 25 years.  Beginning spiritual studies in 1990 as Reiki I she received her Life Coaching certificate and Reiki Master in 2007. She then founded Still Rivers, as a mind/body coach, for individuals and business teams to assist with personal expansion, healing and fulfillment. Rev. Thomas Sherbrook introduced her to “A Course in Miracles,” in 2012 and she was ordained in 2015. With Pastor Tom and his wife Rosie Berres she formed “Light of Grace”, a Miracles Center where she teaches “A Course in Miracles.

Carl and Alanna Penk began attending Gnosis classes as teenagers and have been actively involved in both living and teaching the Gnostic doctrine ever since. They opened their first center in New York state, later relocating to Montana where they taught for over 25 years. They now make their combined knowledge and wisdom available to serious seekers here in Milwaukee.

Dr. William Rogers is a historian focusing on religious history. A retired UWM professor now living in Atlanta, he still lectures at seminaries and for religious groups. He also hosts an internet based radio program called The Black Reality Think Tank.”

Richard Smoley is the editor of QUEST, the TSA journal. His latest book is “THE DEAL: A GUIDE TO RADICAL AND COMPLETE FORGIVENESS.” His presentation is drawn from his next book, “HOW GOD BECAME GOD,” to be published in June, 2016.

Phoenix Suvayas is an interfaith minister in training, he calls himself a Theosophical Scientific Illuminist Gnostic Catholic and studies all spiritual traditions he can. He has lectured on the swastika symbol, the Tree of Life, Egypt, and Aleister Crowley. He is a singer songwriter and visual artist, and a founding member of Saint Rosenkreuz Abbey, a retreat center for interfaith gnostic studies.

Richard Yahr is a student of consciousness in many traditions including Tai Chi, Psychic Cal, meditation, and world religion and is still not a master.

Rebecca Zawadiwsky (Dr. Z) has a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Sciences and has studied metaphysics and astrology for over 30 years. Through the National Council of Geocosmic Research (NCGR) she obtained Level 2 certification in astrology, is a past president of the Milwaukee Chapter, and has been teaching for over 15 years. Life-coaching sessions are profoundly deep via a unique blend of astrological techniques, insights, and wisdom to help you discover and realize your highest potential.