Spring 2017


March 1 through June 28, 2017

Wednesdays, 7:00 – 8:30 pm

1718 E. Geneva Pl., Milwaukee 53211.   414-745-9297

Our Book Group meets on the first Wednesday and Introduction to Theosophy meets on the third Wednesday.
Current Books: Beyond Limitations – The Power of Conscious Co-Creation by Stuart Wilson and Joanna Prentis
                           Introduction to Theosophy by John Algeo

March 1: Study Group: Kybalion III
The Group will complete its analysis of the Kybalion by reviewing the Principles of RHYTHM, CAUSATION, and GENDER.

March 8: The Future of Theosophy
Rev. Phoenix Suvayas will discuss the current TS membership in the youth sector and provide some healthy recommendations and suggestions for building the foundations for a greater and stronger future Theosophical Society.

March 15: Theosophy 101—Reincarnation (Study Course Ch. 6)
Theosophy sees reincarnation as a law related to human evolution– both in spiritual growth as well as material form. Through each of our recurring lives in a body of flesh, we gather experience that, during the period between incarnations, we work into faculties and powers needed for further growth in spiritual stature.

March 22: Conscious Love
Clairvoyance is often more about being aware of one’s self in the world rather than being aware of outside spiritual activity. Born with the gift of clairvoyant sight, Robin Finseth will discuss the practical steps to achieving a better understanding of our fellow man and what it means to be living in this world we call home which often leads to a happier existence.

March 29: Dances of Universal Peace
The Dances of Universal Peace are spiritual practice in motion, creating experiences of embodied spirituality, rhythm, and heart awareness. Hal Dessel and Judith Kubish, drawing inspiration from many spiritual traditions, will blend chant, live music, and evocative movement into a living experience of unity, peace, and integration. Those wishing to participate in the simple dances should dress comfortably.

April 5: Study Group: Beyond Limitations
We begin our examination of this channeled work by covering Part One: Beginnings, and Part Two: Personal Reality Creation as much as time permits.

April 12: The Mysteries of the Knights Templar and the Path to America
The Templars are linked to the Rosicrucians and Masons and to several voyages to America before Columbus. Join us for an inquiry into the fascinating legends and theories about Templar secrets. Jeanie Dean continues her research into Francis Bacon’s relationship to the old mystery schools and his influence on modern occultism and theosophy.

APRIL 19: Theosophy 101: Karma (Study Course Ch. 7)
Karma is the law that covers the world of constant change; it is the law of harmony and equilibrium in the universe. The very core of the universe is equilibrium. We cannot disturb that core; it adjusts itself perfectly in response to every action of ours.

April 26: The Secret Destiny of America, Part One
Using Manly Hall’s 1944 book of this name as a guide, Phoenix Suvayas will present a unique perspective on our “country in swaddling clothes” including thoughts about national and global politics. Very timely!

May 3: Study Group: Beyond Limitations
In this session we will complete Part Two: Personal Reality Creation and Part Three: The Bigger Picture.

May 10: White Lotus Day Celebration
In her will, HPB suggested that her friends might gather together on the anniversary of her passing (May 8, 1891) and read from Sir Edward Arnold’s “The Light of Asia” and from “The Bhagavad-Gita.” This evening the public is invited to join the Lodge in honoring HPB’s request.

May 17: Theosophy 101: The Power of Thought (Ch. 8)
Thought is the origin of action and controls emotion. It is an energy that consciousness produces to modify the subtle matter of the mental plane. In our causal body, thoughts have a permanent influence on our character. We make ourselves by the way we think. Concentration and meditation are two important aspects of the power of thought.

May 24: The Three-Fold Social Order of Rudolf Steiner
Sharleen Leonard joins us to describe Steiner’s holistic and human oriented view of society. In his view society is divided into three areas of activity: Economics, Culture, and Politics. For society to function healthily the three areas of activity need to be held in balance. If one dominates then society will not function properly.

May 31: World Religion (William Rogers, Ph.D.)

June 7: Study Group: Beyond Limitations
In this meeting we hope to complete Part Four: A Time of Change

June 14: The Power of Love, Healing, and Enlightened Consciousness
The fear and separateness pervading our planet at this time often makes it difficult for us to control our thoughts and emotions. Drawing from ancient wisdom teachings Peig Myota will outline a technique for developing an expanded consciousness which will assist individuals to heal themselves and may eventually lead to healing the planet.

June 21: Theosophy 101: The Question of Evil (Ch. 9)
A principle of duality or polarity is established at the very beginning of manifestation. Therefore, everything that exists has its opposite, not in an absolute sense, but as a condition of relationship. Evil, like good, does not exist in and by itself, but only in relation to it’s opposite and to its context.

June 28: The Secret Destiny of America, Part Two
Phoenix Suvayas continues his analysis of Manly Hall’s book in the light of national and global developments.


 Robyn Finseth, M.S., D.C., is a life-long Theosophist having been born into a Theosophical family. She is also a practicing chiropractic physician in Oregon. Robyn will be a featured speaker at the TheosophicalSociety’s 2017 National Convention in Wheaton. Her life’s focus has always been connected to healing.

 Hal Dessel and Judith Kubish are certified mentor-teachers and leaders of the Dances of Universal Peace. They have led dance meetings and special DUP events for over 25 years. When they are not dancing, Hal is a psychotherapist and addictions counselor in private practice at Reconnections. He specializes in recovery from and relapse prevention for traumas and addictions. Judith is a Lifecycle Celebrant, interfaith minister, and wedding officiant; her business is Heartland Life Ceremonies. She creates individualized celebrations of significant human events across the lifespan.

 Sharleen Leonard has been studying Rudolf Steiner’s philosophy since 1983. Steiner, a spiritual scientist who lived from 1861 to 1925, named his body of work Anthroposophy, or wisdom of the human being. Included in his writings were concepts on social order which he offered to national leaders after World War One. Would they work now?

 Peig Myota is a spiritual psychologist and teacher of the Science of Light Energy. She presents international seminars on Energy Frequency Healing, Transformation of Consciousness, and Activation of Spiritual DNA.

 Dr. William Rogers is a historian focusing on religious history. A retired UWM professor now living in Atlanta, he still lectures at seminaries and for religious groups. He also hosts an internet based radio program called The Black Reality Think Tank.”

 Jeanie Dean  is an esoteric scholar, author of books of poetry and essays, websites, an educator and regular contributor to local Theosophy programs. Her focus includes ancient sites, earth mounds, reincarnation, Shakespeare and Bacon.