Fall 2016 Program



August-November 2016 PROGRAMS   Wednesdays, 7:00 – 8:30 pm

August 3:  World Teachers Study Group:  Hermes

Bob Bendykowski outlines Manly Hall’s analysis of this mystery Master’s place in history and includes some of his own intuitive discoveries about his worldwide influence.  This review of his historical impact continues with next week’s presentation.

August 10:  Hermeticism and Alchemy

Guest speaker from South Africa, Thomas Davis, joins us to outline the influence of Hermes and his Emerald Tablet on the development of modern chemistry, metallurgy, and pharmacy.  Included will be an analysis of medieval alchemy and of the achievements of Paracelsus, the father of modern medicine.

August 17:  Decoding Aleister Crowley’s “Book of the Law”

Like Russia, Crowley’s famous holy book is a “riddle” wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.”  Luckily, Phoenix Suvayas has decoded it and will clarify its message with his presentation and handouts.

August 24:  New Theosophists Study Group – Session 1:  What is Theosophy?

This study group is for new members to the Theosophical Society in America who made application during the past year and for anyone else who would like to learn about theosophy.  The format will be discussion among participants with a facilitator.  We will be using Theosophy: An Introductory Study Course by John Algeo.  Tonight’s lesson is on Chapter 1: come prepared to discuss your impressions of “some fundamental concepts of theosophy”.  Chapter 1 is attached below for anyone without a booklet.

    We invite you to join the Milwaukee Lodge in its service project which is supporting Daystar, Inc. in its work with women fleeing domestic violence in Milwaukee.  Donations of paper products, cleaning supplies or small money donations will be greatly appreciated.

August 31:  “Friends, Lovers, or Frenemies”

     Rebecca Zawadiwsky, Ph.D. returns for a fun astrological perspective of zodiac sun signs and how they interact and express through our relationships.

September 7:  Study Group—Kybalion I

The three scheduled sessions of this study constitute a general overview of the principles covered in the book.  The first and most important deals with MENTALISM, the true nature of our universe.  If time is limited attendees should at least read the material starting on page 10 of the paperback Dover edition: The Seven Hermetic Principles.  Bob Bendykowski will facilitate this study group.

September 14:  Dzogchen Buddhism

Michael and/or Diana Sullivan will present an overview of Dzogchen Buddhism, its history, practice and how it has benefited them.  If time permits, a short meditation will be included.

September 21:  Theosophy Study Group:  “The Ancient Wisdom in the Modern World” and “Universal Brotherhood.”  The focus for this session is Chapter 2 and 3 from Theosophy: An Introductory Study Course by John Algeo. attached below.  Discussion will focus on “Questions for Consideration” at the end of each chapter.  All are welcome to attend the Theosophy Study Group.

September 28:  The Secret Teachings of All Ages

     From the Theosophical Library, Jeanie Dean leads an intrepid tour of the Secret Teachings of All Ages by the venerable Manly P. Hall.  This rare, larger than life and beautifully illustrated book was printed in limited editions by the Rosicrucians and Theosophical Society in 1928.  The rare book has served as an initiation for many alternative thinkers in the 20th century.  Join us for an introduction to this must read work; a touchstone for theosophical thinkeers.

October 5:  Study Group—Kybalion II

This session will discuss the principles of Correspondence, Vibration, and Polarity.  Bob Bendykowski will facilitate this study group.

October 12:  Saturn Gong Meditation plus healing modalities offered at the Creative Care Wellness Center.  Jennette Cable, ND, CIN CCH, ST, RSHom (NA) is a Doctor of Naturopathy specializing in Classical Homeopathy.

October 19::  Theosophy Study Group: Chapter 4:  “Human Beings and Our Bodies.”  Theosophy teaches that we are really the “monad” or inner unity, a fragment of divinity, a spark of the divine flame, which lives in many houses/bodies.  Discussion will focus on our bodies (etheric double, emotional, mental and causal) and the fields of energy.   This discussion is open to the public.

October 26:  Wielding the Sword of Discernment

     Spiritual teachers from various traditions have spoken of the need to develop discernment, the power that enables us to cut through the veils of illusion and strings of attachment.  David Bruce is the National Secretary of the Theosophical Society in America and a member of the Milwaukee Lodge.

November 2:  Study Group—Kybalion III

     We will complete our overview with a study of Rhythm, Cause and Effect, and Gender.

November 9:  Light—The Ray of Life

     Tracie Dennis takes us into the realm of light and its scientific, religious, and cultural impact on humanity.  She will discuss the varied influences of light on humanity (past, present, and future) including its effect on DNA and consciousness.

November 16:  Theosophy Study Group:  Chapter 5:  “Life After Death.”

     “The human individual is an immortal pilgrim with a future inconceivably longer than the life of our present personality.”  This chapter explores life after death as a subjective state and explores the  role of the bodies (explained in Chapter 4) in the process of dying.

November 30:  A night of socializing potluck dinner and music.  Bring a vegetarian dish to pass.  Non-alcoholic drinks only please.  Please bring a small donation to go toward our service project with Daystar, Inc. helping women flee domestic violence in the Milwaukee area.